A 10 min walk through on the Revo Kayaks R1

After spending a weekend playing in the final production R1, here are my thoughts on this beautiful ski.

Downwind Dash 1 Dec 2016

Great fun DW run in an Elite S, Milnerton to Big in Cape Town

Revo 2 in action on a bumpy ocean

This was shot during the weekly Oceana Dice. Conditions were windy and rough. One of my early paddles in the Revo 2

Drone footage of the Revo 1

Some very early drone footage of a prototype of the Revo 1

VERY Milnerton dash in a single

Without this was the windiest paddle I have ever done. There must have been gusts of over 40 knots. Crazy!

5 Beaches 2015 Surfski Race

POV footage of the annual 5 Beaches surfski race taking place 30km south of Durban. The race starts just south of the Umkomaas river mouth. Paddlers come in through the surf at 5 beaches, running around rocks on the beach each time before heading back out to sea. This years race coincided with the annual Sardine Run. Paddlers paddled through schools of teaming sardines and the sea was thick with feeding sharks.

Surfing with dolphins

www.durbansurfski.com Unique experience of sharing a wave with a pod of dolphins. Music credit http://www.purple-planet.com

Surfski smash in 2m Waves

POV footage of launching at Tinley Manor beach on KZN North coast of South Africa. This was the start of the Da Real Downwind 50km race back to Durban. Wind was 25 Knots NE and swells between 2 and 2.5 m with a very short period. To be honest I fell out due to a mistake and not the surf size, should have done better. people love a good wipeout, one of my more popular videos.

Riding Giant Waves on the Mound

The Mound is a shallow spot in the middle of Durban Bay. It does not break often but when it does it is HUGE. It finally decided to break on a Sunday so I was on it. Being my first time trying to ride the place I was bit all over the place and did not manage to ride any bombs. But we still got a few. Enjoy

Massive Waves surfed deep off shore Durban on the Mound

Not my video but it gives some perspective of the spot we were riding in the video above. The mound is a deep water spot in the Bay of Durban. It only breaks when a huge swell co-incides with a low tide. Look carefully and you can see the surfer being towed in and he links right through to the back line. Check out my other video of a surfski surfing the same wave on the same day with an onboard camera. Apologies for the poor video quality

Herman Chalupsky riding a massive Mound wave

Very rarely a spot called the Mound just off Durban’s golden mile comes to life. It breaks about 1km out to sea but can roll right through to beach on occasion. This only happens when extreme swells combine with a low tide. The wave is extremely fast so only double surfski’s or surfers towed in by Jetski can catch the wave. 2 October 2014 The Mound came to life.

Durban, from Vetchies to Westbrook

This DW was extreme. The swells were massive and the wind was gale force. We made an cardinal sinner of allowing our second to drive off with our leashes in the car still. Will never make the mistake again.

We achieved my fastest ever run on this paddle 31.2km/hr.

Race 4 of the Bay Union Series

Probably the most crowded race course I have been on. This was the first time I have used my mast mount in a race situation. This video is just a few highlights from the first lap of a 4 lap race. There was no wind but some left over swell to ride on the down swell leg. We had to cross a shallow reef, which claimed quite a few rudders that day.

Internet Social Experiment

With the best of intentions I decided to post an outrageous thumbnail that has nothing to with the video to see what it does to viewership numbers. IT WORKED!! This is by far my most popular video, but also the one that attracts the most thumbs down and negative comments. Not because the video is poor, in fact it is a great video. But because nowhere in the video does a surfski get wiped out by a giant wave. You have been warned.

King of the Bay

The King of the Bay race is one of the iconic races of the Durban Winter Series. It starts inside the harbour, heads out through the harbour entrance and finishes on the beach at Marine LSC. Light SW winds made for a fun race

The best DW video on the web

Could this be the best downwind footage on the web? I think so but then I am biased! This was one of the best DW paddles I have ever done. The famous Millers run in Cape Town. Shot a few days before the Cape Point Challenge in 2013.

Pirates to Umdloti DW

Could this be the second best downwind footage on the web? But then again, I am biased once more. This was one of the 2013 races of the downwind series. The SW was blowing 25-30 knots. Some mind blowing runs. Race was from Pirates to Umdloti in Durban.

Early days video of a DW of a Millers Run

This is one my first videos of downwind paddling. Millers run in 2012. Sick video.

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