Surfski Covers

Our Surfski covers are simply amazing. We have designed them to provide the optimal protection but still be incredible easy to fit and remove. We have borrowed from the surfboard cover tech and created a full padded cover, commonly referred to as a fragile cover.

Our boats get damaged while they are being moved around more so than at the beach. Therefore we wanted to build a cover that could be used while the boat was on the top of the car doing 100km/hr and not become a flogging mess of material. We went one step further and made the tail of the cover bright red to keep the traffic police happy.

So you want one right? We can deliver to most parts of the world. Prices vary depending on where in the world you are. Complete the form below to get a quote in your currency, or in USD if we don’t have your currency loaded.

If your ski model is not listed, select “other” from the list, then send us an email via the contact us page with the details of your ski.

  • Thank you Rob for the great surfski cover. One word, excellent!

  • It's not often you get such great customer service. Robin had a few delays in getting my cover made but he kept me in the loop the entire time. When my cover did arrive it was so much better than what I was expecting. I have ordered 2 more!

  • Ski's are really expensive in Australia. There was no way I was not going to let my ski deteriorate in the hot Australian sun. My Durban Surfski cover has kept my ski in top shape. Still looks like new!

Surfski cover
Epic V8 in Black
Epic V8 in Black
Surfski cover
Fenn Elite in Blue
Marathon / Sprint canoe cover
Nelo Marathon / sprint boat cover Open Stern view
Cover for canoe
Marathon / sprint Canoe Cover
Zip open completely flat and water resistant internal layer
Surfski cover
Fenn Elite Double in Blue
Surfski Cover
Fenn Elite
Canoe Cover
Marathon / sprint canoe cover
Protective bag for a surfski
Best surfski cover on the market

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