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Surfski Covers

Our surfski covers are the best you can get. With surfski’s getting lighter, more fragile and increasingly expensive, a cover has become a necessity. Most ski’s are damaged in transit and not on the water. Our triple-layered padded cover gives your ski protection from UV damage, bumps, scrapes and dings and keeps the water out if it’s raining, and in if you don’t want saltwater dripping on your car.

Each cover is cut to suit your surfski model. This custom fit means the cover is not a baggy mess and you can easily travel at freeway speeds with the ski in it’s cover on the roof of your car.

The full-length wraparound zip means you can zip the cover open to be completely flat. This means you have a great place to lie your ski before or after a paddle to keep it out of the sand or off the tarmac. The is design also means it’s super easy to fit the cover, even when wet. Not need to be “sliding” anything over a wet ski. Just place the ski on the cover. Slot the fin into the slot and zip up! 30 sec later you are good to go.

There are 2 cover options.

Standard – This uses a very tough outer nylon that is very similar to what you will find on a hiking backpack. It gives your boat great protection. This is how we have made covers for the past 10 years. Comes in Black

Deluxe – This offers the same protection as the Standard but the material is UV stabilised. If you cover will see a lot of direct sunlight, this is the better option. Comes in a dark blue. This model is also slightly lighter making it easier to carry your ski when it is in the cover.

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Can I choose a colour?

The covers come in black for the Std model and a dark blue for the Deluxe model. Over the years black and blue has been the most popular, so we decided to drop the other colours and bulk buy black fabric to manage costs. You can still order another colour but for $50 extra to cover the special order. All covers have a red tail and fin pocket.

Is the cover UV resistant?

Over time the black will fade to a grey where it receives direct sunlight and will eventually start to perish as will the silver. There is not a fabric invented, that is in any way affordable, that will not suffer the same fate. How long that takes depends on the sun‘s strength and time of exposure. In Durban, an extremely hot and sunny place, it took 2 years of everyday exposure on my covers before the outer fabric became brittle. This will happen with both the black and silver options, but the black nylon is more resilient than the silver polypropylene.

My logic is, rather the replaceable cover take the UV hit, than the far more expensive ski. When the cover does finally start to degrade, your ski is still protected as there is a middle and internal layer keeping the sun off the ski. Any shade you can offer the ski will radically increase the lifespan of the cover. They are made tough and for outside storage. They are the toughest covers on the market. The only thing tougher will be a solid storage shed.

My skis live in covers on an outside rack year round and that was why I developed these types of covers.


We have since added the Deluxe model which UV resistant and is rated to resist UV degradation for 10 years.

How long until I get my cover?

It takes 1 week to make the cover. Each cover is made to order and is customised to your ski model. At the point of ordering please just check with us how many covers are in production to get an accurate timeline.

International shipping takes between 2- 3 weeks. We have had covers ship faster but it depends on the country and how fast they process the covers through customs.

Local shipping takes 3 – 5 days ex Cape Town.

Is the cover water proof?

The covers are very water-resistant and water will not damage them. Water can get in and out through the teeth of the zip. For that reason, we recommend storing the boat upside down to stop raining filling the cockpit, and the right side up on cradles when on your car, to stop saltwater dripping off the ski onto the car. Extremely heavy rain will eventually penetrate the fabric but the cover will dry out and be undamaged.


The Deluxe models use a waterproof fabric. But a tiny amount of water could leak through the stitching and the zip if exposed to heavy rain.

Will my ski get too hot in a cover?

Most ski’s nowadays are oven baked in manufacture. This means they have already endured far hotter temps then they will ever experience with normal use. The covers are triple layered with the middle layer being a padded layer. This not only protects the ski from bumps and scrapes but also insulated the ski from heat. We have tested ski temps inside the covers on hot days and they get mildly warm at best. There is no difference in ski temp whether they inside a black cover or a lighter coloured cover.