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After discussions with the NSRI, it was evident that one of the biggest challenges for the NSRI is finding a surfski and there being no sign of the paddler. They are then forced to launch a search assuming the worst. The simple application of an ID sticker to the boat and paddles will make it easy for the NSRI, or members of the public, to check if the paddler is safe, and return the equipment.

Durban Surfski Member Craig Stuart decided to do something about this and came up with this great initiative, which he has now passed to Durban Surfski. Below are Craig’s words:-

With the recent safety focus and tragic passing of a fellow paddler in November 2014, we are offering personalised cut out vinyl stickers for paddler’s equipment. These stickers will have your full name, Reg number (if not already on the boat) and cell number.

This will assist with boat security in clubs, hopefully decreasing random people using craft without the owner’s permission, as well as assisting in reuniting lost craft and paddles with their owners. We are also creating stickers for paddle blades and these come in a Day-Glo neon orange.

The cost for the set is R150 and will include 1 x “name” sticker for your ski and 2 x lumo orange “paddle blade” stickers for each blade of your paddle on 3 year vinyl and 1 x white lettering personal details for your blade.

If applied correctly the vinyl will last past 3 years.

If you want a set please, click the button below to purchase.

The aim is to increase paddler safety and promote safety awareness amongst ourselves. In addition please ensure that you wear a PFD at all times when paddling.

Surfki safety-sticker-flyer
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