Revo Surfski Designer Interview

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Take a listen to our interview with Greg de Beyer, the master mind behind the Revo surfski. Over 24 min we take a look at why that crazy reverse bow works so well, the reasons for such surprising stability from such a narrow boat and why this boat is so fast.

Below the player you will see a form. If you are at all interested in knowing more about this revolutionary ski, please leave your details so we can mail you developments as they happen. Also Durban Surfski has been able to negotiate an early bird pricing special. If you may possibly want to get your hands on a Revo, make sure you get on this list as the offer will only be made to those on the Durban Surfski Revo Mailing List.


Get in the Revo mix – leave us your details.

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  • Enrique Llo5

    Would be great if you could write part of the interviews you post …non english spokers sometimes struggle on listening, writing this sound archives would be a nice way to expand your project worldwide.. Cheers!!

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The reverse bow of the Revo surfski