Surfski Covers

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Simply the best padded surfski covers on the market. Super easy to fit and made to last. Keep your ski in showroom condition.

Surfski’s are expensive, and with the ski’s getting lighter and lighter, they are becoming more and more fragile. While we can’t do much to protect your boat from being pounded by a large wave, we can help keep her warm and snug in a brilliantly made padded cover.

Fact, most boat damage happens off the water. Either in the boat shed, or loading on and off your car. A cover can reduce those bumps and scrapes to zero and keep your boat in showroom condition.

Fact, UV damage can significantly shorten the life span of your ski. The sun will fade the gel coat and can reduce the strength and rigidity of the materials your ski is made from. If you keep your ski in the sun, then a cover is a must. Rather have an affordable cover take the hit than watching your expensive ski fade and age due to sun damage.

Our covers have a full-length zip, enabling the cover to zip open completely flat. This gives you a flat base to leave your ski on and keep it out of the sand. It also makes it super easy to put the cover on. It will take no longer than 30 secs to fit the cover, even to a wet ski. No more struggling with sticky sock covers.

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