The Odin L paddle by Gara


It’s the big brother of the Odin, specifically designed for the stronger paddler, for sprints and marathons. The Odin L has a greater forward catch, helping with acceleration and top-end boat speed.

Be sure to check out the upgrade options for your Gara paddle found at the bottom of this page. Choose your shaft color and carbon percentage or add a grip.

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Marathon Sprint Surfski River
100% Viking Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable
Men Suitable Suitable Suitable Not Suitable
Women Not Suitable Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable
Junior Not Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable
Children Not Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable


Length 504 mm
Width 175 mm
Weight 260 g (per blade)
Surface Area 780 cm² (CAD calculated)

200cm – 210cm, 205cm – 215cm, 210cm – 220cm

Split Shaft

Yes with Gara's unique Joiner, No

Paddle assembled?

Epoxy – strongest but the paddle cannot be disassembled, Hot Glue – can be disassembled with use of heat


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