Numb Leg Butt Pads (Pictures)

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This is my mobile pad that I use in different boats to prevent numb legs. It’s the original prototype. It’s base layer is a std butt pad. Onto that I glued a second pad that was cut in a Y shape with the base of the Y at the rear. On top of that went the 2 round cut outs from the base butt pad. These were glued in the middle to create a broad ridge. Then a trimmed down butt pad was glued over the top to make a smooth surface. It’s over kill but it works and keeps me pain free in most boats. The strip you see glued to the underside is just a velcro strip I use to fit the pad into my double ski.

This is my permanent set up for my Fenn Elite. The pics are of a brand new pad I have just made and not yet glued into the boat. Notice the blocks to push me fwd and the cut away to keep the pressure off the coccyx. There is no ridge at all besides the what you see, which is a single layer of foam. This is a really comfortable set up.

This is my heel block. It’s only needed if you have tight calves or hamstrings, or a very vertical foot plate. I have all 3 so this is a monster block. I doubt you will need one this thick. It seems to really encourage a strong leg drive and also lessens how much the pedals get pushed during the leg drive. I do find it hinders my steering a bit on big downwinds as I have to point my toes a bit to steer.

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