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Need to sell a boat? This is the place to do it.

Need to buy a boat? Take a look around.

Instructions (even shampoo bottles have instructions)

  1. Select a category
  2. Enter a username – this can be anything, we suggest your first name.
  3. Hit continue
  4. Give the ad a great self explanatory title.
  5. Complete the form
  6. DO NOT include a currency symbol with the price, just the numbers.
  7. Solve the equation (anti spam measure)
  8. Give an amazing product description / sales pitch
  9. Hit continue
  10. Upload images (max of 8 allowed)
  11. Preview the ad
  12. The ad then goes for moderation by the administrator (we get massive quantities of spam ads). Moderation is usually done the same day but can take longer on occasion.
  13. Once live, come back and check the ad and use the share buttons to share to social media.

Ads will be valid for 60 days before they will be removed. You are welcome to repost.



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